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Unwinding the Perception on Housekeeping


Written by: Selective Micro Technologies

The way a room looks and smells are the first things guests notice when stepping into their hotel room or suite. If the the room smells badly, it’s safe to assume that they will believe the room itself isn’t clean, even if it is in fact properly cleaned and disinfected. Perception is critical towards maintaining superior customer service. One’s perception of something essentially provides a critical first impression.

EPA Announcement

On August 21, 2014, Selective Micro Technologies’ Selectrocide 2L500 and Selectrocide 5G were listed as an EPA hospital approved disinfectant. The EPA listed both of SMT’s products, and by extension the Selectrocide line, as having agency confirmed efficacy which includes products that have passed ATP testing and are approved as hospital disinfectants.

Limitless Clean

A new, safe and powerful disinfectant.
Imagine a disinfectant much more powerful than raw bleach. Now imagine that same powerful disinfectant, that won’t harm your skin or burn your eyes.

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SMT confirms its pure chlorine dioxide products meet efficacious hospital disinfectant standards via Antimicrobial Testing Program (ATP)


Using EPA approved testing methodology, Selective Micro® demonstrated both 50 and 100ppm concentrations of pure chlorine dioxide meet efficacy standards for microbial reduction. This recommendation is fully substantiated by empirical evidence. This is especially true as considered or measured against other commonly known or used decontamination agents. Use the link below to view the products tested list with ATP which meet hospital disinfectant standards.