Beating The Summer Heat With SMT

Beating The Summer Heat With SMT

Everyone loves a good summer swim whether it’s at the local pool or just swimming at home with friends and family. Pools are a lot of work and are always in need of proper care. SMT’s Selectrocide disinfectants can make all that work reduced drastically. For example, the Selectrocide® 12G generates 30 gallons of 100 ppm ultra-pure ClO₂ and is intended for applications that require large amounts of pure ClO₂. The 12G can be diluted down to an even lower concentration and added to more water, which is why this particular product would be perfect for hot tubs or swimming pools.

The 12G is easy to use. Simply remove the sachet and place it in a covered tank or bucket and generate for 2 hours. Dilute the solution to fit your needs. The 12G is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide and falls within the lowest toxicity categories. The 12G is also recognized and registered with the Organic Materials Review Institute.

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