The Selective Micro Difference

Our chlorine dioxide is so powerful that, even when diluted 200 times more than bleach, it can effectively eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. What's more, it's FDA-approved for direct use on food. This remarkable product can combat E. coli, MRSA, staph, and Listeria without any adverse effects on your skin

Our unique chlorine dioxide products, powered by patented micro-reactors, provide pure solutions without the need for chemical mixing or unnecessary exposure. They maintain a neutral pH and high surface compatibility, allowing users to work with less-concentrated solutions for superior results.

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  • Safe on materials
  • Kill E. Coli, MRSA
  • No effect on skin
  • Neutral pH Value

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering top-tier solutions and strategies for the eradication of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens in our clients' working environments. Our unwavering dedication is directed towards creating cleaner and safer spaces for everyone.

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