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When you’re processing food, brewing beer, or making wine, facility hygiene and sanitation is of the utmost importance. Bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella or Listeria can be transferred between foods or to food from surfaces, creating the possibility of foodborne illness. Beer can be spoiled or contaminated, causing odors or sour tastes that can ruin an entire batch. In wine-making, spoilage bacteria can also create bad flavors or smells unintended by the vintner.

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In the food and beverage industry, maintaining impeccable hygiene and safety standards is paramount to ensure the quality of products and protect consumers' health. Selective Micro's ultra-pure chlorine dioxide products have emerged as a powerful ally in this endeavor, revolutionizing food processing, breweries, and wineries.
  • Brewery/Winery

    Our EPA-registered disinfectants and sanitizers can be used to disinfect and sanitize surfaces in your brewery or winery to prevent any unwanted pathogens that can cause off-flavors, bad odors or otherwise taint your products, including:
    • Fermentation tanks, transfer lines, tools, and fittings
    • Kegs, cans, and bottles
    • Floors, ceilings, and drains
    Recommended products:
    Selectrocide® 5G , Selectrocide® 12G
  • Food Processing

    Our products can be used in a wide variety of applications in a food processing facility to ensure the safest food possible, such as:
    • Food contact surface sanitizer for: cutting blades, conveyor belts, holding tanks, and other food processing equipment
    • Non-food contact surface sanitizer for: ceilings, walls, drains, and any other hard, non-porous surface
    • Disinfectant for: ceilings, walls, drains, tools, fittings, transfer lines, tanks, or any other hard, non-porous surface
    Recommended products:
    Selectrocide® 5G , Selectrocide® 12G
  • Washwater, Wastewater, and other Water Systems Treatment

    Our products can be used in washwater to reduce cross-contamination and as an antimicrobial rinse for produce in food processing facilities. It can also be used to treat many different types of wastewater from food production facilities for discharge. Our pure ClO2 is also used to disinfect many different types of water holding tanks and transfer lines for potable water systems. Some uses include:
    • Antimicrobial dump tank wash for produce
    • Antimicrobial water treatment to reduce cross contamination
    • Tank disinfection for water systems used in production
    Recommended products:
    Selectrocide® 12G
  • Compliance with Food Safety Regulations

    Compliance with food safety regulations is a top priority for food processing, breweries, and wineries. Our ultra-pure chlorine dioxide products have been approved and recognized by regulatory agencies for use in the food industry. Our products are registered by the EPA and have FDA and OMRI certifications. By incorporating these products into their sanitation protocols, businesses can ensure adherence to the stringent safety standards and guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies.

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