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In today's world, the importance of clean and safe water cannot be overstated. Water is not only essential for sustaining life but also plays a critical role in various industrial processes.

When raising animals such as swine, poultry, or cattle, the health of the herd is of the utmost importance. The overall health of your animals takes variables such as livability, mortality, feed conversion, and weight gain into account, and a spreading sickness can have a huge negative impact on these key metrics. As a result, costs can increase dramatically, whether via increased spending on vaccinations or higher-quality feed blends. Profits can also suffer due to lower animal weights, higher mortality, or decreased egg or milk production. In turn this can also lead to increased food prices for the consumer.

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SMT’s ultra-pure chlorine dioxide products can help improve herd or flock health and increase profits. Our EPA registered products can be used as an antimicrobial water treatment to reduce bacterial and other pathogenic populations in water. Chlorine dioxide can also oxidize iron, manganese, phenols, and other floating particles decreasing turbidity which removes tastes and odors from the water, encouraging higher consumption. Chlorine dioxide has also been shown to prohibit the growth of bacteria and algae in drinking water systems, which can prevent buildup of bioslimes that harbor pathogenic organisms
  • In poultry farms

    When used in poultry drinking water, chlorine dioxide has been shown to:
    • Decrease mortality rate of flock
    • Increased weight gain
    • Improved feed conversion
    Recommended products:
    Selectrocide® 12G
  • In hog farms

    When used in swine drinking water, chlorine dioxide has been shown to:
    • Decrease mortality rate of litter
    • Reduce bacterial populations in water
    • Increase weight gain
    Recommended products:
    Selectrocide® 12G
  • In dairy farms

    When used in dairy drinking water, chlorine dioxide has been shown to:
    • Increase milk production
    • Reduce bacterial populations in water
    • Decrease prevalence of scours
    Recommended products:
    Selectrocide® 12G
  • Washwater treatment

    In various industries, such as food processing and manufacturing, washwater is used to clean and sanitize equipment and surfaces. Ultra-pure chlorine dioxide is a potent disinfectant that efficiently eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from washwater. By using chlorine dioxide, businesses can ensure the cleanliness and safety of their equipment, preventing cross-contamination and adhering to stringent hygiene standards.
    • Wastewater treatment

      Proper wastewater treatment is essential to safeguard the environment and public health. Ultra-pure chlorine dioxide plays a crucial role in wastewater treatment by effectively breaking down organic matter and neutralizing harmful pathogens. Its ability to disinfect wastewater ensures that it meets regulatory requirements before being discharged into water bodies or reused for non-potable purposes.
      • Water systems treatment

        Ultra-pure chlorine dioxide products are also used in various water systems treatments, such as cooling towers and water storage tanks. Its powerful disinfection capabilities prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms, including Legionella bacteria, which can cause serious health issues. By maintaining a clean and bacteria-free water system, businesses can prevent costly shutdowns and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

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        Objectives of Testing

        This case study was carried out in order to determine the effect that Selectrocide® would have on water quality, weight gain, and overall health on a poultry broiler farm. 

        Testing Methods

        • A 30-gallon drum and a Dosatron water-driven pump were installed in four separate barns on a single farm. The water distribution system in each barn was “shocked” in order to remove any gross buildup of biomass. Pumps were set to a low, continuous dose concentration for the duration of the grow phase.
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