SMT products- a vital piece to increased sports crowds and capacities.

SMT products- a vital piece to increased sports crowds and capacities.

Here at Selective Micro Technologies our products offer a safe, effective and easy to use process that illuminates viruses such as Coronavirus. Chlorine dioxide can be a very easy chemical to use and create. What do areas and event spaces need as we jump back into high capacities in the near future?

When thinking about what comes first for event spaces and areas to open leads us to the question, what disinfectant product should be used? Most companies give you a pack of chemicals and an attendant volume of water. This allows you to know exactly how much ClO₂ you are generating. Selective Micro Technologies makes it even easier with our patented “micro-reactors”. These micro-reactors, not dissimilar from tea bags, contain the precursor chemicals required for chlorine dioxide. Further still, most micro-reactors come in a pouch that holds exactly the amount of water you need to generate the concentrate. That means no measuring and no handling of chemicals. All you do is simply add water then spray the surface you want to disinfect.

Selective Micro Technologies provides the best products with no residual, and non-corrosive qualities in every package. As we have seen from multiple sports being able to allow more fans into games it is crucial that we take to necessary steps to make sure we don’t have any setbacks. When considering how and what type of chemicals are needed to prevent these types of things from happening, a food safety engineer must take a couple things into account: safety of the food, safety of those exposed, and safety of the equipment in the facility.

Over everything else, effectiveness of the cleaning is most important. When choosing a product for decontamination, another important factor to consider is compatibility of the material with the analyzers’ components. If you choose a chemical, such as bleach, that is corrosive, it will eat away at the materials over time. Eventually, parts and other major materials will need replaced due to the corrosion. For optimal equipment cleaning is ease of use. A decontaminate that is safe and easy-to-use makes for a very happy customer.

Many times, when disinfecting a facility, it can be a full time job. Or in many cases, more than one full time employee is necessary. This is due, in part, to single use chemicals. Some institutions have a surface disinfectant, a disinfectant for equipment, a floor sanitizer, as well as a detergent. This means that they have to be educated on each product, go back and forth to their cart for a new product, fill multiple bottles, dilute multiple solutions, etc. This process can be simplified, though, by using one all-purpose solution. You can cut down on the time it takes for disinfection and, in turn, on the costs associated with disinfection staff.

We all missed March Madness last spring and now we have that back so we must work together to make sure we keep our athletes playing and crowds roaring. Let SMT build a solution for you, or view our EPA registered products here. Learn more about how to keep your customers and employees safe, and feel free to email any questions to

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