Winning the Battle Against Avian Flu with Selective Micro's Chlorine Dioxide

Winning the Battle Against Avian Flu with Selective Micro's Chlorine Dioxide

Winning the Battle Against Avian Flu with Selective Micro's Chlorine Dioxide Solutions

Chlorine dioxide is recognized as a powerful, broad-spectrum disinfectant known for its strong oxidizing properties. As a biocide, it is effective in disrupting bacterial cell walls, damaging viral capsid proteins, and degrading viral RNA. This makes chlorine dioxide a formidable opponent against a wide array of pathogens, including feline calicivirus, hepatitis A virus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, among many others. Notably, its efficacy extends to combatting avian influenza, a virus that poses significant risks to poultry farming and, by extension, food safety.

Recent studies, including one published in the Biosafety and Health publication (Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2022), have documented chlorine dioxide's effectiveness against specific strains of avian influenza, such as the H7N9 virus. The research demonstrated that chlorine dioxide, both in aqueous solution and gas forms, can effectively inactivate the H7N9 influenza virus, offering a promising solution for decontamination and disinfection of environments potentially affected by the virus.

Selective Micro Technologies' Chlorine Dioxide Solutions

Selective Micro Technologies offers a range of chlorine dioxide solutions tailored to meet the disinfection needs of various sectors, including agriculture, food safety, healthcare, and more. Our products are designed to deliver the effective concentrations and contact times required to eliminate the H7N9 avian influenza virus, as observed in recent scientific studies.

Our high-purity chlorine dioxide solutions, generated on-site through our innovative micro-reactor technology, ensure maximum effectiveness for disinfection. This technology allows us to provide products that not only meet the specific concentration requirements for combating avian flu but also significantly reduce shipping costs and simplify storage by shipping as dry chemicals.

For agriculture, particularly in poultry farming, Selective Micro's chlorine dioxide solutions offer a versatile and effective strategy to protect against bacteria, mold, and viruses, including avian influenza. Our solutions are safe for water treatment, crop protection, facility sanitation, and even cleaning animal drinking water, ensuring comprehensive protection across all facets of farming operations.

Empowering Poultry Farms Against Avian Flu

Poultry farms facing the threat of avian flu no longer need to resort to culling. By treating facilities with Selective Micro's chlorine dioxide solutions, farms can adopt documented, effective measures to safeguard their operations against this and other pathogens.

To explore how Selective Micro's chlorine dioxide can benefit your agricultural operations and specifically combat avian influenza, reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to tailor a disinfection strategy that meets your unique needs, ensuring your poultry and other agricultural endeavors are protected and productive.

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