6 reasons why food processors must use chlorine dioxide

6 reasons why food processors must use chlorine dioxide

How can you avoid the powerhouse of decontamination and sanitization, Pure Chlorine Dioxide?

ClO₂ is strong enough to be an EPA approved and efficacy tested hospital disinfectant, yet mild enough to be an FDA approved food contact substance. Pure Chlorine Dioxide can also be successful in destroying and preventing biofilm, which is one of the biggest challenges for food processors in destroying harmful bacteria. In addition to these spectacular disinfecting qualities, ClO₂ has only a minor odor, not unlike that of a pool, when used; and is less corrosive than bleach.

As a versatile alternative, Pure Chlorine Dioxide can be used in many different sanitization processes including pasteurization equipment, heat exchangers, cooling towers, hard surface disinfectant, portable water treatment, and deodorizing stacks in rendering plants. This has already increased in popular use in the dairy industry to control microbiological growth. Also Pure Chlorine Dioxide has seen increased growth in the beverage industry, fruit and vegetable processing industry, canning plants and poultry and beef processing facilities.

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