Poultry Studies

Poultry Studies

Objectives of Testing

This series of tests was carried out to determine the impact that Selectrocide®would have on poultry drinking water quality and bird health in various water systems on turkey brood farms and turkey grow-out farms.

Testing Methods

  • A 65-gallon tank and a Dosatronwater-driven pump were installed on two separate poultry farms (a turkey brood farm and a turkey grow-out farm) to monitor the effects which the addition of Selectrocide®would have on poultry drinking water quality and bird health.
  • Selectrocide®was applied to wells, tanks, and poultry houses at location-appropriate concentrations. Water samples from each of the locations were tested at set intervals.
  • Our testers measured the effect of Selectrocide®on poultry drinking water by recording colony-forming units (CFUs) of bacteria present in the water before and after Selectrocide®application

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