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Open Space Odor Eliminator:

Step into a world devoid of unpleasant odors with the Ultra-Pure Chlorine Dioxide Open Space Odor Eliminator. The product is designed to eliminate odors, not simply cover them up with scents or fragrances.


Key Features:

Masterful Odor Neutralization: Uses the proven power of ultra-pure ClO₂ to obliterate stubborn odors, making them a thing of the past.

Eco-Considerate: Responsibly formulated, breaking down into environmentally benign by-products.

Rapid Action: Swiftly combats and dispels odors, restoring natural freshness in record time.

Leave No Trace: Operates without leaving residues or any hint of chemical scent, preserving the original aroma of the space.

User and Environment Friendly: Ensures absolute safety for both users and the environment, standing as a testament to responsible innovation.

Seamless Integration: Its unobtrusive design and operation allow for effortless integration into any open space setting.


Embrace your environment at its purest:

The Ultra-Pure Chlorine Dioxide Open Space Odor Eliminator is more than just a product; it's a promise of undisturbed serenity and freshness. Transform vast expanses into sanctuaries of pure air, where every breath is a tribute to cleanliness and clarity.



  • In-Air Deodorizer.
  • Eliminates odors in closed spaces.
  • Locates and destroys unidentifiable odor causing agents.
  • Replaces lingering putrid aromas with a fresh, clean scent.
  • Great for vehicles and homes.
  • Product can be generated in its own packaging.
  • Easily sold as a consumer product.
  • Can be used in many different industries, e.g. for deodorization of a restaurant bathroom.
  • Easy-to-use; just add sachet and water to cup.
  • Treatment times range from 4-8 hours.
  • For use in spaces up to 1,000 cubic feet per unit.


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