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Selectrocide® A12

Selectrocide® A12

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The future of food safety - Ultra-Pure Chlorine Dioxide

A harmonious blend of cutting-edge science and purity, this sanitizer ensures your food remains as nature intended: fresh, clean, and free from harmful microorganisms.


Key Features:

Uncompromised Freshness: Effectively combats spoilage organisms, prolonging the freshness and shelf life of your produce.

Broad-Spectrum Efficacy: Targets and eradicates a wide array of foodborne pathogens, offering comprehensive protection for all your edibles.

Eco-Conscious Solution: Breaks down into environmentally friendly by-products, making it a responsible choice for our planet.

Rapid Sanitization: Quick-acting formula that ensures your food is ready for consumption or storage in no time.

Taste Integrity: Sanitizes without altering the taste, aroma, or texture of your food, ensuring an unadulterated eating experience.

Safe for All Edibles: From fruits and vegetables to meat and seafood, our sanitizer is compatible across the food spectrum.

User Safety Priority: Formulated with the utmost care, it offers powerful sanitization without any health compromises.


Redefining Food Safety:

In an era where food purity is a top concern, the Ultra-Pure Chlorine Dioxide Food Sanitizer stands as your trusted guardian against contaminants. Every splash promises a layer of protection, ensuring that every bite you take is not just delicious but also safe.



The Selectrocide A12 generates 6 gallons of 500 ppm ultra-pure ClO and is intended for applications that require large amounts of pure ClO. The A12 is easy to use- simply remove the sachet and place it in a covered tank or bucket and generate for 2 hours. Dilute the solution to fit your needs. The A12 is used as a food contact antimicrobial and is also recognized and registered with the Organic Materials Review Institute. The A12 is commonly used in food processing facilities, groceries, or restaurants.

  • FDA-Approved Food Contact Notifications allow for use on poultry, red meat, seafood, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables
  • Product can be applied to both Raw Agricultural Commodities and non-RAC goods
  • Easily adapted product into current food processing protocols and technologies 
  • Can be applied as a liquid or used as a fumigant
  • Has been shown to extend the quality shelf life of produce
  • Can be used to decrease amount of bacteria on food products


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