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Wide Range ClO₂ Test Strips

Wide Range ClO₂ Test Strips

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Wide Range Test Strips Description:

The wide range test strips for measuring chlorine dioxide incorporate the following: an oxidant test strip, a redox indicator, and a buffer. The test strips are formulated to test chlorine dioxide via colorimetric analysis in the range of 0-500 ppm.



The reaction of chlorine dioxide with the redox indicator yields a green color proportional to the amount of chlorine dioxide present. Chlorine*, Bromine, iodine, permanganate, and monopersulfate will deliver a positive interference with these test strips. Hydrogen peroxide, even at 3%, does not interfere. No significant interference is noted when testing with 5 ppm iron, copper or manganese, 20 ppm quat, 40 ppm polyquat, chelant to remove 5 ppm metals, 1 ppm copper algaecide, at pH 6-8.4, at temperatures 15C-40C, nor with 100 ppm cyanuric acid.*No inhibitor is included for this formula so chlorine (free or combined) at any level will likely interfere.

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